Marc-Oliver Pleinert’s PhD Thesis published within the book series Springer Theses

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Marc’s PhD Thesis entitled Testing Quantum Theory with Higher-Order Interference in Many-Particle Correlations has been selected for the book series Springer Theses – Recognizing Outstanding Ph.D. Research.

To be published there, the following criteria must be met:

  • They must be written in good English.
  • The topic should fall within the confines of Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Engineering and related interdisciplinary fields such as Materials, Nanoscience, Chemical Engineering, Complex Systems and Biophysics.
  • The work reported in the thesis must represent a significant scientific advance.
  • Each thesis should include a foreword by the supervisor outlining the significance of its content.
  • The theses should have a clearly defined structure including an introduction accessible to new PhD students and scientists not expert in the relevant field.

The book can be found at:

The series “Springer Theses” brings together a selection of the very best Ph.D. theses from around the world and across the physical sciences. Nominated and endorsed by two recognized specialists, each published volume has been selected for its scientific excellence and the high impact of its contents for the pertinent field of research. For greater accessibility to non-specialists, the published versions include an extended introduction, as well as a foreword by the student’s supervisor explaining the special relevance of the work for the field. As a whole, the series will provide a valuable resource both for newcomers to the research fields described, and for other scientists seeking detailed background information on special questions. Finally, it provides an accredited documentation of the valuable contributions made by today’s younger generation of scientists.