Welcome to the Quantum Optics & Quantum Information (QOQI) group of Prof. Dr. Joachim von Zanthier.

We investigate multi-photon interference phenomena in quantum optics and quantum information science using non-classical, classical or mixed light sources. The research is carried out in theory and in experiment and focuses on fundamental questions and possible applications. Topics of interest include quantum imaging, cooperative effects, entanglement of light and matter, and testing the foundations of quantum mechanics.






Today, Stefan successfully defended his PhD thesis with the title Spatio-temporal photon correlations: From stars to atoms. After a bit of bureaucracy, he may call himself Dr. Richter.

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On Wednesday our group went to the very famous Bergkirchweih in Erlangen. Similar to the Octoberfest in Munich, Erlangen celebrates the beer culture for 12 days. We enjoyed a few beers at our favourite place close to Steinbach-Bräu that evening.

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Pioneering experiment paves way to new imaging method for single molecules An international research team including the QOQI team has succeeded for the first time in using X-rays for an imaging technique that exploits a special quantum property of light. As the researchers write in the journal Phys...

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Last Monday, our group took a kayak trip from Behringersmühle to Streitberg under perfect conditions with very good weather. After kayaking, we went for a bite at the Pretzfelder Keller.

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