BAYLAT start-up funding

The Bavarian University Center for Latin America (BAYLAT) provides start-up funding for a new project Optical coherences in few-atom samples with dipole-dipole interactions, which will be conducted in collaboration with Romain Bachelard from the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil.


This project aims at uncovering how higher-order bunches of photons can be produced in multi-atom systems, taking advantage of dipole-dipole interactions. While two-atom samples and second-order photon-photon correlations have so far been extensively investigated, the possibility to manipulate larger number of photons using interacting systems remain largely unexplored. The present proposal focuses on small systems (a few atoms) to understand the key ingredients required to bunch or anti-bunch small number of photons. In particular, our investigations will focus on identifying specific collective states or selecting the radiation in specific angles of emission, to mold the (quantum) flow of light.