Master student Valentin Klüsener accepted as PhD student at MIT, Harvard and MPQ

We congratulate our master student Valentin Klüsener for his successfull application to the Physics Graduate Program at MIT as well as to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University in Experimental Physics. In late 2018, Valentin had started his master thesis at FAU, formally supervised by Joachim von Zanthier, in the group of Prof. Vladan Vuletic at MIT and the MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms (CUA). During the eleven months of his stay, he worked on an exciting project aiming at the implementation of Rydberg superatoms. After his return, he applied for a PhD position at the graduate schools of MIT as well as of Harvard University and was admitted in both schools in March 2020. He finally decided to join the group of Prof. Immanuel Bloch at the Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Garching, Germany. We wish him all succes in the future!