Article published in PRL

Our article Incoherent Diffractive Imaging via Intensity Correlations of hard X-rays has been published in PRL. See also the press release of the university here (in German).

Established x-ray diffraction methods allow for high-resolution structure determination of crystals, crystallized protein structures or even single molecules. While these techniques rely on coherent scattering, incoherent processes like fluorescence emission – often the predominant scattering mechanism – is generally considered detrimental for imaging applications. Here we show that intensity correlations of incoherently scattered x-ray radiation can be used to image the full 3D arrangement of the scattering atoms with significantly higher resolution compared to conventional coherent diffraction imaging and crystallography, including additional three-dimensional information in Fourier space for a single sample orientation. We present a number of properties of incoherent diffractive imaging that are conceptually superior to those of coherent methods.